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Lady at work today came to fix our ac and invited me to smoke weed on my break

ej 267 days ago
I told her that I don't hang with high maintenance women

RAGINGFUCKMAN 267 days ago
where's the cane? who has the cane?

ej 267 days ago
The real joke was me all along 🦯 Or a woman working in hvac

fun2choke 267 days ago
Did you smell her feet?

RAGINGFUCKMAN 267 days ago
i remember the first time i got the hook

simon_belmont 267 days ago
She could have been like "you cool, man?" And meant "is the AC working" but also like, "do you smoke weed," like the stoner guy in Dazed In Confused https://youtu.be/P5Wkzau63GU