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Bam Margera keeps escaping rehab

Godfreyjones 48 days ago
Im gonna assume he snuck through the ventilation ducts, dropped down on an armed guard, snapped the guards neck, then sped off blasting motograter. https://pagesix.com/2022/06/27/bam-margera-found-after-second-rehab-escape-headed-to-new-facility/

B__DAWG 48 days ago
he's a crafty one, isn't he?

B__DAWG 48 days ago
he was cool in like 1998 when he was a skateboarder. i don't what the heck happened

Zordon 48 days ago
i think you are allowed to just leave rehab when you want i mean your an adult and you arent under arrest

B__DAWG 48 days ago
court ordered rehab is a thing

fun2choke 48 days ago
Guy looks like a bloated corpse that died in hot topic store.

Portslob 48 days ago
He needs to get better. Jackass not the same without him

Barbara 48 days ago
HIM is probably worse than deftones AND chilis

I hope he gets clean!

who HIM? they had one song I didn't think sucked, I guess, fine I hope they get better.

Was he actually in CKY or was he just a hype man?

B__DAWG 48 days ago
he was like the main guy in CKY

Barbara 48 days ago
His brother was, right? Jess I think

B__DAWG 48 days ago
oh you probably mean the band. i didn't like the band

SnagglePuss 48 days ago
Young Don Vito crying in a corner, as he adds more credits to his touch tunes app for another go-round of Him sing alongs. Order me up another Rolling Rock