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Iced Earth guitarist has feces thrown at him in jail

Godfreyjones 55 days ago
Lol https://www.thedailybeast.com/lawyer-says-iced-earth-guitarist-jon-schaffer-had-feces-urine-thrown-at-him-in-indiana-jail

nothinlefttogive 55 days ago
Woof! Lol!

Guess he had a shitty time in there

gaseousclay 54 days ago

Barbara 54 days ago
Couldn't handle 2 months, good luck if/when he gets his actual sentence

Pilgrim 54 days ago
Lol Also stupid press release. No one gives a shit about this stubbed toe

xander_crews_horse 54 days ago
More proof those who make a career out of playing fantasy metal are soggy one ply tissue people. Lmao, if I saw that, I'd start pressing Buddy for his fruit cups and fresh fruits.

Jemenez_Cricket 54 days ago

xander_crews_horse 54 days ago
LMAO this f*ckboi cried about death threats while locked up. What a fūcking spoiled fat bitch, make a shank son or don't say shit. Lmfao. This guy thought he was gonna overthrow a government? What a sad sack of shit, I hope someone nabs him when he goes to state

xander_crews_horse 54 days ago
When I was in Chester County in Med Block a dude I was roomed w killed people and kinda made a statement that he might not be done. Insteadmof being a bitch ass and crying to the CO (who don't care) I talked to him about our lord and savior Jesus Chavez Christ. Most of these f*cking goonies are gonna be in their bag about stuff like this. What did they used to say when they'd post All Lives Matter? don't do the crime and you won't have to cry. FŪCK wads lol.

theocean 54 days ago
bite it you scum

xander_crews_horse 54 days ago
From now on, everything I ever read written by this tool will be read in the Sol Rosenberg voice "and then they took me to the showers and jammed poop into my mouth and threatened to kill me, it was horrible!"😂😂😂😂😂

did it go in his mouth?