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Six Feet Under (HBO Show)

Is this any good? I watched the first few episodes with my lady and am on the fence so far. Some good moments but none of the characters are very likeable.

dayman 98 days ago
its good, kinda depressing

B__DAWG 98 days ago
the band?

carveyournamein 98 days ago
I remember liking it.

AnalButt 98 days ago
It's good. It ended really well too

webmaster 98 days ago
solid show

rick_tocchet 98 days ago
Yeah it was decent. I do remember it ending well too.

Very heartwarming.

JUSTINTIME 97 days ago
I've watched the entire series 3 times. Prettyyyyyyyy pretty good.

Portslob 97 days ago
Open, coffin, orgy

Just finished the series. Kept waiting for it to become great but it never did. Nate was such an unlikeable character and so was his retarded daughter Maya. People obsessing over either of them was just ridiculous. And pretty much all of Nate's love interests were super ugly. It's like, for a dude who's supposed to be a ladykiller, could you at least bang one hottie. Brenda was SO ugly. And then there was all the gay sex and making out I was forced to watch. At least Claire got hotter by the end. 4/10

vagisilcreem 13 days ago
"forced to watch"

LOL...couldn't agree with you more...show was dece, but Nate kept acting like Brown Bagger Brenda was the shit. The last scene of the finale however was one of the better end scenes...they did that right at least.