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29 year old male/ combat veteran and father

Portslob 46 days ago
Defeats 13 year old girl in skateboarding competition https://nypost.com/2022/06/27/trans-woman-beats-13-year-old-in-womens-skateboarding-contest/ Lolololololololol

Pilgrim 46 days ago
Damn so she's not single

butlerianjihad 46 days ago

theocean 46 days ago
she loves the doomriders and against me?

ej 46 days ago
lol he says he doesn't have a physical advantage because he's not buff. 29 y/o male combat vet against 13 year old, yup, no physical advantage there

Inkongudunk 46 days ago
Lol, the shim has three kids lol This is Webmasters america

Portslob 46 days ago
The prize was $500 bucks!! Lolololololololol

VodkaVeins 46 days ago
How to be a winner and a f*ckin' loser at fhe same time

timelordtwo 46 days ago
Webmasters dream come true

butlerianjihad 46 days ago
Went to war as a proud man Fathered 3 kids umm Now dominates teenagers in skateboarding competitions Still lives with his family that must be fun Can we get an Air Bud adaptation of this please?

Portslob 46 days ago
Maybe this guy can replace the singer of 7 angels 7 plagues!

butlerianjihad 46 days ago
Does he wear a bandana and then a tiara? Back to the "pawing" board

Portslob 46 days ago
Who is the bigger loser? Him or the f*cking spineless judges ?

thetowerofrome 46 days ago
Holy shit. This just actually made me laugh out loud extremely hard .............wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww lollllllllllllllllllllll

thetowerofrome 46 days ago
Oh my god ...... Hahahahahahaha