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25 best-selling rock artists ever

webmaster 45 days ago
Queen 274.6M albums Pink Floyd 235.8M  Led Zeppelin 205.6M  AC/DC 198.6M  Metallica 163.6M  Bon Jovi 149.9M  Aerosmith 133.4M  Guns N' Roses 124.1M  Van Halen 102M  Red Hot Chili Peppers 99.6M  Nirvana 95.8M  Deep Purple 92.8M  Linkin Park 90.9M  Green Day 88.9M  Iron Maiden 88.6M  Journey 82.1M  Black Sabbath 79.2M  Meat Loaf 62.5M  Nickelback 56.9M  Ozzy Osbourne 52.8M  Avril Lavigne 47.1M  The Cranberries 46.6M  Foo Fighters 43.9M  No Doubt 35.7M  Evanescence 31.9M

theocean 45 days ago
where do Lye By Mistake rank?

Inkongudunk 45 days ago
Man, green day sure does suck

thetowerofrome 45 days ago
........ The last half is a huge lol/wow

skinsuit 45 days ago
Avril Lavigne rock?

evil_hero 45 days ago
buncha tired wack old bullshit at the top. are beatles not rock

ej 45 days ago
beatles must be 26th

skinsuit 45 days ago
Avril is obv cock rock

thetowerofrome 45 days ago
Floyd and Zeppelin are all timers br0 . Nothin wack about them . Same with Queen. Look at all the rest of that shit to make fun of

timelordtwo 45 days ago
thanks for the update webby

ej 45 days ago
zeppelin is easily the best classic rock band, how can you beat the page/bonham combo

ej 45 days ago
webby give us some recent tour turnouts

easyhateoven 45 days ago
where the f*ck is smash mouth?

thetowerofrome 45 days ago

lol no limp bizkit