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good stephen king adaptations

ej 269 days ago
his more drama inspired works like green mile/shawshank/stand by me seem to be a lot better than a lot of the horror (might just be easier to make a good drama movie than horror), besides the shining and however you feel about It (1990 or 2017). are there any good horror ones i'm missing out on

butlerianjihad 269 days ago
Did he write DREAMCATCHER?

skinsuit 269 days ago
The first adaption of The Stand was pretty good.

theocean 269 days ago
carrie holds up man

B__DAWG 269 days ago
Pet Semetary had that Ramones song I liked so it's good

theocean 269 days ago
pet sematary also holds up

evil_hero 269 days ago
shawshank redemption, green mile, maximum overdrive

evil_hero 269 days ago
oh you said horror movies. his horror movies suck a fat dick

Gabaghoulio 269 days ago
butlerianjihad 13 minutes ago Did he write DREAMCATCHER? Yes, he did. Good book and movie. Both versions of the Stand had their ups and downs.

theocean 269 days ago
i liked the it remake

theocean 269 days ago
the mist is worth it for the ending

theocean 269 days ago
i liked thinner when i was a kid but ive never rewatched it

AnalButt 269 days ago
Salem's Lot The Dead Zone

B__DAWG 269 days ago
Ooh that little floaty kid at the window SCARED a young bullhead

Portslob 269 days ago
Original Carrie is good The made for TV IT scared me as a kid. Doctor Sleep is good