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Brittney Griner facing 10 years in Russian prison

Godfreyjones 222 days ago
Less than 1% of Russian criminal cases end in acquittal. https://www.foxnews.com/sports/wnba-star-brittney-griner-hearing-russian-court

skinsuit 222 days ago
What did she do??

Godfreyjones 222 days ago
For being a filthy marijuana user

theocean 222 days ago
she brought meat to a meat free house but the meat was a weed pen and the house was russia

thetowerofrome 222 days ago
Lol. What a f*cking idiotic shit country

skinsuit 222 days ago
Well, if you can't abide by their rules, stay the f*ck out.

theocean 222 days ago
handcuffed to handcuffs

B__DAWG 222 days ago
trinds not completely wrong for once

dayman 222 days ago
imagine thinking it would be cool to bring weed to russia

ej 222 days ago
i just don't think it's fair that russian wants us to trade war criminals or gun dealers for her. we should trade them some russian with a dui and maybe alexander ovechkin to sweeten the pot

skinsuit 222 days ago

evil_hero 222 days ago
"GRAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" exclaimed the russian womens prison's cl*t wrestling champion. her beastly cl*t writhed in anticipation of some fresh meat. cowering in the corner, dreadlocks over her face, brittany griner rocked back and forth. "GRRAAHHHH!!!" the champion exclaimed again. her monstrous cl*t bulging at the seams of her prison blues. brittany lifted her face. was she... smiling?? with a muscular thud, she unleashed her cl*t from her pants. the ground shook and the bars of the cell rattled. a dozing guard opened his eyes. before he could make a move he saw a 6 foot anaconda cl*t, rippling and vascular, make its way across the cell in a flash. the snap of the champion's spine turned his stomach. we had a new champion on moskva cellblock 8

ShaolinLambKiller 222 days ago

evil_hero 220 days ago
"GRRRRUUUUUUUUU" the sound echoed like thunder across the courtroom. the judge recoiled in horror as brittany griners cl*tdemon grabbed the gavel and bashed the court guard in the head. the other guard reached for his revolver but it was too late. her cl*t had her same lightning fast basketball reflexes. it grabbed the revolver and emptied it into the guards head. turning toward the judge, griner's cl*t grinned in anticipation. it was feeding time....

timelordtwo 220 days ago
What the f*ck