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Morbid Angel - juvenilia

_steelpanda_ 6/27/2022 7:53:11 AM
https://youtube.com/playlist?list=OLAK5uy_kYozZYJ3h9NHnNwEelPGIcpweMrUMDx2I Still primarily only listening to live albums only, jammed this a bunch yesterday, feel asleep to it. Woke up to it, visions from the dark side is my favorite on it. About to play guitar then on to the live Deicides today. Already listened to When satan lives this morning. Lol holy shit, i I have got to see them live at some point.

carveyournamein 6/27/2022 7:55:45 AM
I don't like live albums. Sometimes I like when there are a few live songs on the b-side.

fun2choke 6/27/2022 10:30:15 AM
What's your reasoning for only listening to live albums? I like them too when theyre not overdubbed bs or when the band doesnt butcher the songs like metallica does with those gay medlies.

B__DAWG 6/27/2022 10:35:18 AM
i was listening to some Vomitory over the weekend. they're kinda an underrated death metal band if you ask me

B__DAWG 6/27/2022 10:35:45 AM
i'm not a live album guy either most the time.

rick_tocchet 6/27/2022 10:36:17 AM
One of the best Live death metal albums is DEAD by Obituary.

withdeadhandsrising 6/27/2022 10:37:28 AM