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Best albums so far this year?

Vince 45 days ago
I keep going back to these three. Misery Index Devil Master Blut Aus Nord

skinsuit 45 days ago
Misery Index is good.

skinsuit 45 days ago
What do you think about Meshuggah?

B__DAWG 45 days ago
They've all been pretty good if you ask me

B__DAWG 45 days ago
I got a couple good ones on my computer at home. I'll have to check when I get home

simon_belmont 45 days ago
Age of Apocalypse Cave In 40 Watt Sun Take Life

B__DAWG 45 days ago
I liked the new immolation and the new voivod, I guess

jimbo 45 days ago
riff raff

gator 45 days ago

iwilladapt 45 days ago
god mother (not an album, but damn good record) canyons wormrot cave in

rick_tocchet 45 days ago

just_farted 45 days ago
pharmacist's newest one has been on rotation for me

backseatkiller 45 days ago
Triac - Pure Joy - Grief-stricken Animals Rigorous Institution - Cainsmarsh Killing Pace - S/T EP Warthog - S/T EP Crisis Man - Asleep In America Backslider - Psychic Rot bunch of solid death metal as well but nothing that stood out like apparition, mortiferum, or malignant altar from last year so far. altars, triumvir foul and sedimentum next month will change that i think.

PenicillinTrapdoor 45 days ago
I really want to hear new Wormrot, Cloud Rat, and Hissing.

vagisilcreem 45 days ago
gospel cave in kendrick pyrithe the smile artificial brain negative plane