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name the best movies you can think of

Zordon 46 days ago
ok ill start predator 1+2 robocop jurassic park halloween terminator 2 alien 1+2 taxi driver the thing unforgiven total recall lord of the rings nightmare on elmstreet 1+3 the big lebowski the good the bad the ugly mad max: fury road dredd commando rambo 1+2 the matrix 2001 a space odyssey the shining jaws silence of the lambs blade runner one flew over the cuckoos nest pulp fiction clockwork orange apocolypse now chinatown the exorcist the godfather goodfellas raging bull no country for old men there will be blood back to the future the green mile shawshank redemption seven samurai big money hustlas

Zordon 46 days ago
ok those are all the good movies i can think of i think that might be all of them

Jimmyfloyd 46 days ago
Any movie starring Dredd is def worth a watch

Vince 46 days ago
You're missing Bill & Ted.

jimbo 46 days ago
top gun maverick jaws there will be blood hot tub time machine Hustle (Adam Sandler)

jimbo 46 days ago
oh shit jaws and there will be blood is on your list, great f*ckin movies

jimbo 46 days ago
i was actually thinking about how good hell or high water is earlier today, add that one too

timelordtwo 46 days ago

AnalButt 46 days ago
Kung Pow

iwilladapt 46 days ago
the road warrior > fury road also terminator 2, but not the terminator? and godfather, but not godfather pt ii? o_0

carveyournamein 45 days ago

wwjd 45 days ago
Rounders Dr strange love

ej 45 days ago
Little miss sunshine

butlerianjihad 45 days ago
Pootie Tang Tango y Cash (en espanol)

B__DAWG 45 days ago
I really like back to the future and return of the living dead