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scissors7 53 days ago

B__DAWG 53 days ago
Playing guitar

PenicillinTrapdoor 53 days ago
Watch Colorado win the Stanley Cup tonight. Haricut tomorrow morning and then a whole lot of nothing. Currently housesitting so I'm gonna bro down with a couple cats and a rabbit.

evil_hero 53 days ago
going camping on mt rainier

_d0thack_ 53 days ago
Today - work till 2, guitar, smoke & movies with chick Sat - morning jog, build pc, record hunt, set up new computer desk/chair Sun - movies coming in mail, smoke, order pizza and lounge

scissors7 53 days ago
Vacation Begins Today! Today/Tonight = WFH, go to dump, pack, go to dispensary Saturday = Drive to Cape Cod, unpack Sunday = Fish Cape Cod Rest of Week... Whale watch Monday, Striper Fishing Tuesday, Bass Fishing rest of the week

scissors7 53 days ago
bump for late risers.

theocean 53 days ago
you are due for a new heavy metal fishing video man

nothinlefttogive 53 days ago
Added Monday to my weekend. No idea what I'm gonna do though...seems like tomorrow & Sunday will be hot up here. Plenty of chores...not feelin' terribly recreational...

we got orange uniforms for baseball now im rodriguez in orage

lake_flaccid 53 days ago
My girlfriend's birthday weekend she wants to go to this retro arcade bar and hop to Dave n' Busters so I should consider myself lucky

jimbo 53 days ago
shooting the Glock

_steelpanda_ 53 days ago
Today - guitar, organize house, friends coming into town. Tomorrow - if still alive, I turn 38 tomorrow. Guitar, see kids, Sunday - guitar

Big party tonight at Stubbie's place. His parents are in Europe. Should be pretty wolf.

iwilladapt 53 days ago
going to be off the next few weeks as well today-> wfh, liquor store, grocery store tomorrow-> friends party, top golf then out for drinks in the city sunday-> probably just hang out at the lake, drink and grill monday-> some friends and family arrive from ca plans include a trip to Asheville, dirt bike riding (possibly at the old JGR compound), wake surfing and a lot drinking