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Three choices right now.

All within a mile radius. 1. Shitty dive karaoke bar 2. Mexican bar/restaurant that has decent tacos and coronas, but 0 english spoken, so I somehow use pointing to get my order taken. Also karaoke bar. They have a disco ball. 3. Strip club. They only serve soda.

Or else just stay at home and drink rum.

Amber 64 days ago
Home then Mexican

Always 1 or 2. If I'm bored and looking for a dive bar I'd probably pick 2 though and get loose as f*ck and get roofied and wake up without a colon, kidney, or prostate. But it's all good.

AnalButt 64 days ago
2 is always the right answer

ShaolinLambKiller 64 days ago
Staying home

vagisilcreem 64 days ago

I stayed home. I will go to the mexican place tonight.

I've procrastinated packing for alaska, and am leaving early tuesday morning, so I did a little last night and today. Then Mexican food and beer.

AmusedToDeath 64 days ago
Shitty dive karaoke bar.

ShaolinLambKiller 64 days ago
he is dead already you f*ck

You're talking to an empty computer.