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lorna shore

willy_wanker 2 days ago
neck tat deathcore bullshit

evil_hero 2 days ago
you sucked their dicks

ej 2 days ago
hard disagree, this is deathcore for people that skip to the breakdown of songs. deathcore for people that zone out for entire sets until that *one song* and then pull out their phone

dayman 2 days ago

Barbara 2 days ago
hard disagree, this is a wendy's

_d0thack_ 2 days ago
Band blows.

skinsuit 2 days ago
Band brings the br00t.

willy_wanker 2 days ago
this band is not brutal at all

Barbara 2 days ago
band is for journeys assistant managers with smelly earlobes

_d0thack_ 2 days ago
Band is for groomers.

lake_flaccid 2 days ago
This band, Slaughter to Prevail and Traitors are all proof that deathcore past 2010 is unlistenable