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Which picture on the front page is worse

simon_belmont 3 days ago
Alpha Wolf or Megadeth?

Alpha Wolf but Mustaine looks like f*cking shit

skinsuit 3 days ago
Your mother.

_d0thack_ 3 days ago
Alpha Wolf by far.

easyhateoven 3 days ago

_d0thack_ 3 days ago
That would MEGAsuck.

willy_wanker 3 days ago
dave mustaine looks like a corpse

Pilgrim 2 days ago
Every time I look at the front page I cringe and question life

I didn't know carrot top had a son.

Vince 2 days ago
I follow Mustaines instagram. He kinda seems like a nice guy actually lol

lake_flaccid 2 days ago
Alpha Wolf actually looks worse than they sound and thats pretty unreal

Zordon 2 days ago
i quit smoking cigarettes 3 weeks ago

Zordon 2 days ago
wrong thread but colonel sanders is karl sanders dad

Conduit 2 days ago
Look worse than they sound and this description is worse than they look. Alpha Wolf is an Australian socialist Christian metalcore band originally from Burnie, Tasmania