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last 90 seconds of new Megadeth track

webmaster 3 days ago
quality shit https://lambgoat.com/news/36518/megadeth-to-release-new-album-in-september-premiere-first-single/

evil_hero 3 days ago
absolutely not

iwilladapt 3 days ago

thetowerofrome 3 days ago
evil_hero 41 minutes ago absolutely not iwilladapt 19 minutes ago Lol

skinsuit 3 days ago
Will probably never listen.

Inkongudunk 3 days ago
I listened. I thought it was pretty cool and thrashy

Conduit 2 days ago
I don't want to listen to anyone over the age of 25 play thrash.

B__DAWG 2 days ago
i might listen to it

B__DAWG 2 days ago
i never been the hugest megadeth fan to be honest with you though

Inkongudunk 2 days ago
It's just a cool sequence of riffs at the end

VodkaVeins 2 days ago
Pretty dope

God 2 days ago
Dumb but the video was super dumb