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Instead of all the constant fighting and bickering and whining

SnagglePuss 53 days ago
I like that new three-song single by Spiritbox Cause you know, three songs is a single

Jemenez_Cricket 53 days ago
You would like this weak ass shit

_steelpanda_ 53 days ago
Lol man for a minute I thought you were in sentenced and about shit my pants lol. Amonk was one of first 10 albums I got, that I could find off that century media booklet. I do think I'm going to go on a sentenced kick tomorrow.

Portslob 53 days ago
Cave in - heavy pendulum Lol, NOT

hamwarmer 53 days ago
The Flatlanders- One Road Less (1980) Smooth and soulful country music. The song Dallas in particular is extremely well written. Jimmie Dale 'Mark it Dude' Gilmore is a national treasure

_d0thack_ 53 days ago
My all time favorite METAL album is Reign in Blood. From top to bottom it's flawless. It feels never ending and is just a constant barrage of hard hitting tracks. It's in rotation probably more than any other metal album I listen too.

simon_belmont 53 days ago
Ok I have begun. That first think unvisited linked is interesting. Don't know that I love it, but it's definitely unpredictable and original. Will listen to more by this band.

simon_belmont 53 days ago
Nice song from Barbara even though he didn't really follow the rules and explain what he liked about it.

simon_belmont 53 days ago
I am digging this Silencio stuff

unvisitedgrave 53 days ago
Simon, you could say you've visited an unvisited link.

timelordtwo 53 days ago
https://saidanusbm.bandcamp.com/album/onry-ii-her-spirit-eternal jamming this, it has riffs, i like riffs

simon_belmont 53 days ago
Jessica Lea Mayfield - song is a little boring l. But I like the feel of it. The grittty over distorted guitar with the really clean vocal I didn't listen to Alice In Chains or Emperor or QOTSA because I already know them. The Wind In The Trees - I listened to a few songs since they are all like a minute long. It's alright. Not something I'd listen to. That high pitched scream is kind of annoying. But I get what there is to like about it. Listened to a couple David Sylvian songs from that album bullhead said. Kind of made me want to listen to Scott Walker instead. But good!

unvisitedgrave 52 days ago
timelordtwo 16 minutes ago https://saidanusbm.bandcamp.com/album/onry-ii-her-... jamming this, it has riffs, i like riffs That kid is a big joke. He was super anti NSBM then signed to the same label as Graceland and people ofc called him out and he doubled down and said he was going to "dismantle NSBM from the inside" and abruptly got dropped. Basically anything that comes out on JEMS label is a joke to me.

unvisitedgrave 52 days ago

simon_belmont 52 days ago
Judas Iscariot - you guys know my feelings on black metal. I dug like the first 20 seconds. But then the rest sounded the same. It gets too boring. They need some dynamics. Change it up here and there. That's why I like when black metal elements are brought into something else MX-80. Cool! Weird!