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Instead of all the constant fighting and bickering and whining

simon_belmont 3 days ago
Tell me about an album you like and why you like it. Let's be civil gentlemen in this great thread here

evil_hero 3 days ago
go f*ck yourself simon belmont by the evil heroes. shits a banger

carveyournamein 3 days ago
I like Insane Clown Posse.

simon_belmont 3 days ago
Oh ok. Hahah yuyhheeeeeaaaaahhhh

I was listening to the microphones on spotify with commercials today. At work I listened to Iron Maiden, Bathory, and Waylon Jennings.

unvisitedgrave 3 days ago
Thy Catafalque- Naiv It's not something I'd normally come across and be stoked on. I bought it originally with the intention to flip it. Was at a shop and the cover stuck out to me so I checked it on discogs, was going for $150 plus and it was at the shop for $24. Easy double the money situation. Got it home and jammed it because it came unsealed any way. Instantly stoked on it. Lots of rhythm, harmonized vocals, jazzy solos, post punk vibes at times. More avant-garde than metal but still avant-garde metal. You may like it. Who knows. Here's on of my fav tracks from it. It's got f*ckin slap bass on it. LOL https://thycatafalqueuk.bandcamp.com/track/tsitsushka

simon_belmont 3 days ago
I will listen to everything in this thread that has a serious post like unvisiteds. Except insane clown posse.

i wouldnt call it "fighting and bickering and whining", more like making someone take their medicine for being a douche bag and hoping it'll help em. but my answer is london calling

Barbara 3 days ago
I've liked this album a lot since it came out. https://youtu.be/XXxs1qt6xlw

For some reason that reminded me of this album Silencio - Dead Kings Which I really liked when it came out in like 04 or 05? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LrQJ2OFnctY&list=PLP2Q1H-MohysFUMRvLGpkmrd8aPN5a6Kp&ab_channel=DocteurZeuhl

unvisitedgrave 3 days ago
I can see that.

_steelpanda_ 3 days ago
Emperor Ix Equilibrium Just a gorgeous album from beginning to end. I think it's emperors best work, because the progression from The other albums concludes with that. Ihsahn wrote all of Prometheus, with no input if I remember correctly, was like this is what we are doing. Old man's child Vermin has that effect on me as well.

unvisitedgrave 3 days ago
Jessica Lea Mayfield - Make My Head Sing This one is neat because it's her only album like this. Twangy guitars. Minimal drums. It's like if True Widow had a good vocalist, but with more pop sensibilities. Somewhat of a grunge feel to it. Artwork is atrocious, that was what pulled me. My highlight track is this: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=2bAzWmqcTio

unvisitedgrave 3 days ago
Yo Panda that one rips.

_steelpanda_ 3 days ago
Probably dirt by AIC as well I remember that was one cd my parents took with my green jelly cds lol. I just like the music, parents did not like me blaring down in a hole loud af in 4th grade in the front yard. Be nice to go back and listen to it like that again instead of relating to every song on now as an adult.