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Good night, douche lords

skinsuit 7/24/2021 5:17:27 PM
It's time for trind to get some sleep. See you soon. You'll NEVER get rid of me. 😛

skinsuit 7/24/2021 5:37:35 PM

Vince 7/24/2021 5:38:17 PM
Don't wake up

skinsuit 7/24/2021 5:39:19 PM
Hey Vince, eat my ass with a side of ruccola.

Vince 7/24/2021 5:40:39 PM
Ok idk why I laughed at that

Vince 7/24/2021 5:41:54 PM
Just kidding nothing you do or say will ever be funny

ShaolinLambKiller 7/24/2021 5:45:14 PM
I dont mind if you return. Watching you meltdown is hilarious, pedophile

_d0thack_ 7/24/2021 5:50:52 PM
Dude. When VINCE chimes in. Thats bad. One of the chillest dudes here. Legit. Kill yourself.

ShaolinLambKiller 7/24/2021 5:55:59 PM

_d0thack_ 7/24/2021 6:12:39 PM
When I first started posting in 2013 [keep in mind I was early to mid 20s] flush and virus told me to f*ck off. Virus and flush. I think even suicidebears told me to stop. Dude. You're f*cked.

_d0thack_ 7/24/2021 6:13:01 PM
Belmont tells me every day but it's different.

Vince 7/24/2021 6:21:37 PM
It's just a f*cking nuisance man. It's kind of mind blowing really.

ShaolinLambKiller 7/24/2021 6:24:49 PM
Hs ha

_d0thack_ 7/24/2021 6:38:33 PM
Im sorry I rain on parades Vince.

BULLHEAD 7/24/2021 6:39:58 PM
it really doesn't bother me either way