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just got approved for a medical weed card in PA

well that was way too goddamn easy

B__DAWG 13 days ago
say you have chronic diarrhea

carveyournamein 13 days ago

carveyournamein 13 days ago
It's going to be trash weed.

dayman 13 days ago
lol @ having to get a medical card still

_d0thack_ 13 days ago

VodkaVeins 13 days ago
I just got a new one recently. I sent a photo of my ID to the dispensary and 30 mins later they showed up with an OZ and my paperwork.

stuff i've been getting from the recreational place just over the nj border is pretty decent, PA med places have better selection and it's way cheaper

VodkaVeins 13 days ago
Thats the only reason I got mine. Less than half price what the recreational places charge

carveyournamein 13 days ago
Can you get Sherbinskis?

Gabaghoulio 13 days ago
I've been getting mine for the past 2 or 3 years, worth every cent

evil_hero 13 days ago
medical is almost always cheaper, and depending on the state you can get higher % THC in your edibles

IM LOYAL TO CHAPO *pulls out weed from paper bag wrapped in duct tape*

wwjd 13 days ago
Welcome to 2010

wwjd 13 days ago
Med is always better than rec and cheaper