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best bumper sticker?

B__DAWG 4 days ago

carveyournamein 4 days ago
It's Calvin pissing on Calvin.

skinsuit 4 days ago

ej 4 days ago
everyone up here has "This car climbed Mt. Washington" stickers because you can drive to the top, but i saw one that said "This car f*cked Mt. Washington." definitely in the top 100, right behind "New driver, I am sorry.", which a chinese woman i work with has. it's been on there for two years i think.

B__DAWG 4 days ago
i climbed mt washington, but i think you're talking about a different mt washington maybe

simon_belmont 4 days ago
I like seeing like Obama and George Bush bumper stickers. Reminds me of a simpler time.

B__DAWG 4 days ago
or i hiked it at least. it's not like i was rappelling up a mountain

simon_belmont 4 days ago
Did you rap up the mountain, though?

evil_hero 4 days ago
bumper stickers are wack af

easyhateoven 4 days ago

easyhateoven 4 days ago
adults shouldn't put bumper stickers on their vehicles. shit's tacky

simon_belmont 4 days ago
The meme killed the bumper sticker

fun2choke 4 days ago
My other car is your mom.

My grandpa died when he was a little boy.

unvisitedgrave 4 days ago
Just a standard Peace sign. Anything else is f*cking weak.