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Swans and Lungfish are my two favorite bands

AmusedToDeath 179 days ago
I don't have a beard or children, but I do have several tattoos that the average person pauses to consider. Now that we have removed the obvious nukes form the equation, here we go: Swans. Have you heard "Blind"? Every time I listen to this jam I quit AA and get a very high ABV beer from a new bar in town with very cool interior design. I immediately start texting people I shouldn't. I have to block them the next day because reminders of thirstful shame weigh heavy on me. I like unfinished cement and polished steel finishes. "Love Will Save You" has similar effects. Lungfish? "Love Will Ruin Your Mind." Danny Higgs, baby. I would have that dude bat cleanup in my fantasy sports team when I know the sabermetrics are indicating I need someone to bring home incredibly obtuse and abstract imagery that looks "cool AF." Did I use "AF" right? My niece has Tik Tok and I am trying to fit in. Be gentle, you motherf*ckers.

ShaolinLambKiller 179 days ago
where are you copy pasting all this from?

AmusedToDeath 179 days ago
From my brain. The mind is indeed a terrible thing to taste. Do you like goth?

ShaolinLambKiller 179 days ago
goddamn shut the f*ck up

BULLHEAD 179 days ago
lungfish are pretty boring

AmusedToDeath 179 days ago
Lungfish are boring. I agree. This is exactly what I believed until I did ayahuasca. f*ck, a lot of bands weren't boring after that. There is nothing wrong with repeating arpeggiated chords 20x in a row if they are playing the right chords. Your comment has opened up many deep thoughts in my mind. I reserve the right to comment on this more later. I hope you're ok with this.

skinsuit 179 days ago
I like everything that SLK hates.

Barbara 179 days ago