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golf goaters

ej 281 days ago
all three of you, how you hitting them this year? i had debatably the best round of my life last weekend, with burning hot diarrhea from carolina reaper wings. hit a 25 foot birdie putt about to shit my pants, and parred right after i almost passed out in a 120 degree porta potty

B__DAWG 281 days ago
I hate golf, EJ

iwilladapt 281 days ago
i like going to top golf, getting drunk and just swinging for the fences, dinging balls off the roof and the occasional waitress

ej 281 days ago
went to top golf scottsdale earlier this year for a wedding and we showed up already drunk, one guy accidentally let the driver go fifty yards into the range on his first swing. another was asleep with his shirt open in the wrong bay and we had to drag him back to ours because a family was trying to golf. i think i nodded off at one point too.

B__DAWG 281 days ago
One of the only times I went golfing I did hit someone with the ball. I didn't know you were supposed to wait and I hit this lady in the leg. I f*cking crushed that ball. It's like the only good ball I ever hit

shitinyourhand 281 days ago
Only went once this year so far.. And it was a real good round. Got a new driver and new bag last year, it has made a huge difference. In playing and in ease of getting to everything etc..

timelordtwo 281 days ago
ITS TOO DAMN HOT but other than that I have a really hard time with water. If there is no water I will likely double bogey the hole. If there is water I may as well just call it a day cuz I'm losing balls