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Jay & Silent Bob reboot

Barbara 88 days ago
Can't be nerdier than only listening to obscure British mumble-synthers

ShaolinLambKiller 88 days ago
got you there. suck another dick.

BULLHEAD 88 days ago
LOTR is enjoyable

easyhateoven 88 days ago
it's a different kind of nerdy

easyhateoven 88 days ago
i'm new wave nerdy, not sci-fi/fantasy nerdy

BULLHEAD 88 days ago
You should listen to Summoning though

easyhateoven 88 days ago
i can't. i'm busy listening to something else now

ShaolinLambKiller 88 days ago
Summoning is so great

xander_crews_horse 88 days ago
This movie is worse than Taco Bell beef in 1994.

BULLHEAD 88 days ago
are you in the jungle now?

BULLHEAD 88 days ago
yeah Summoning is great

Jayskie 88 days ago
It's so bad. The first one is still good but most Kevin Smith movies don't hold up well now

ShaolinLambKiller 20 hours ago butlerianjihad 6 minutes ago The animated Clerks show was pretty entertaining WHO IS DRIVING CAR? BEAR IS DRIVING!!! HOW CAN THIS BE?!?! yes. got the dvd set lol same BIG AMERICAN PARTY!!!!!

xander_crews_horse 87 days ago
I'm in NC replacing poo pipe. Then I go to the jungle to replace poo pipe.

The animated series is the only thing that holds up. Why are we walking like this?