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Who here voted for Joe Biden?

God 167 days ago
Is there anyone here willing to publicly humiliate themselves?

kort 167 days ago
oh yeah babe humiliate me so good...mmm yeah,,,,kortlyn needs discipline

simon_belmont 167 days ago
I thought I was voting for Hunter

webmaster 167 days ago
i voted against Donald Trump

theocean 167 days ago
havent voted since obamas second term and it was more because weed legalization was on the ballot in mass that year

thetowerofrome 167 days ago
voted for the libertarian lady. so I kept my integrity on both counts .

lurkcity 167 days ago
ive voted third party for every election i could vote in. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zU9UMuLaEQs

Portslob 167 days ago
I voted for Trump

Portslob 167 days ago
webmaster 6 minutes ago i voted against Donald Trump This is what every Biden voters excuse is. Stupid, uninformed voters destroyed the country

God 167 days ago
I voted for Jo

butlerianjihad 167 days ago
Bullhead voted for that guy with the boot on his head

evil_hero 167 days ago
webmaster 12 minutes ago i voted against Donald Trump smh. just embarrassing. you think we would have been worse off now with trump?

theocean 167 days ago
too bad the third party candidate this time is most likely gonna be dave smith from the legion of skanks the mises caucus is in charge of the libertarian party now so they are going to be embracing the worst edgelord shitheads

God 167 days ago
I don't listen to LoS but I like Dave

Barbara 167 days ago
I imagine there are much better republicans than trump but they don't seem to get any attention these days. just the loud losers like trump, green, boebert, et al. no real platform besides yelling. democrats are virtue signaling lip service losers too.