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plaguestricken is back

easyhateoven 7/22/2021 11:11:58 AM
i can finally climax now

plaguestricken 7/22/2021 11:22:10 AM
It's unhealthy to keep all that hate in. Gotta let it out when need be! Miss u tho bebe. We shall hang soon.

easyhateoven 7/22/2021 11:23:51 AM
<3 hell yeah, man

easyhateoven 7/22/2021 11:24:23 AM
wait ❤️ there we go. it's 2021 now on lambgoat

simon_belmont 7/22/2021 11:28:07 AM

easyhateoven 7/22/2021 11:38:04 AM
he gave me a handy at the cookout once

plaguestricken 7/22/2021 11:44:03 AM
Don't kiss & tell, br0.

AnalButt 7/22/2021 11:48:59 AM
Welcome back bro. Stick around and post more of your music for us

plaguestricken 7/22/2021 11:51:39 AM
I visit the site as much as I can. If I had a desktop like back in the days, I'd be here all the time pestering you dudes. Lol

easyhateoven 7/22/2021 12:01:50 PM
it's more mobile friendly now. thanks to lurkcity, the king of lambgoat

plaguestricken 7/22/2021 12:03:53 PM
At first with the new site, I was actually thinking it isn't as phone friendly but after posting for the last hour or so.. I'd agree with you.

ShaolinLambKiller 7/22/2021 2:18:32 PM
You can suck my dick daily now

carveyournamein 144 days ago