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mewithoutYou - Brother, Sister

simon_belmont 6/8/2022 2:35:50 PM
That was pretty good. But I heard another album that wasn't that good. Is this record an anomaly?

B__DAWG 6/8/2022 2:38:59 PM
peewithoutpoo. has anyone called them that before?

simon_belmont 6/8/2022 2:40:56 PM
I think Alex Jones did

ManuelLabor 6/8/2022 2:41:52 PM
A —> B Life is great Brother, Sister is good Anything after is boring

easyhateoven 6/8/2022 2:42:38 PM
catch us for the foxes was really good too

ManuelLabor 6/8/2022 2:43:17 PM
I forgot about Catch for us the foxes. That's a good one too.

easyhateoven 6/8/2022 2:43:33 PM
it's all crazy... was their worst one. slow and folky

ManuelLabor 6/8/2022 2:44:46 PM
This is one of their best https://youtu.be/geETSX0rV3o

simon_belmont 6/8/2022 2:46:26 PM
I saw them a couple years ago and that was cool but I only knew the songs off Brother, Sister and I came across another record at goodwill and got it and didn't like it.

simon_belmont 6/8/2022 2:47:06 PM
It was the It's All Crazy one

simon_belmont 6/8/2022 2:47:30 PM
Slow and folky. You'd think I'd like that n

easyhateoven 6/8/2022 2:48:46 PM
right? lol

easyhateoven 6/8/2022 2:49:08 PM
yeah, i love bullet to binary

easyhateoven 6/8/2022 2:51:12 PM
this is one of my favorites, musically it reminds me of the cure with bassline in the beginning

_steelpanda_ 6/8/2022 3:09:02 PM
This one of those poetry bands? Not a fan of that