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The Seattle Kraken

They picked a few good players and a lot of shitty ones. Have fun crawling out of the basement of the NHL. This is what god intended.

Portslob 7 days ago
Seattle deserves nothing but a pile of shit

easyhateoven 7 days ago
yeah f*ck that shit. it still sounds made up

carveyournamein 7 days ago
Burn that shithole to the ground.

jesus. no love for Seattle. I've never been but I know a guy from there and he's a big ol' bag of dicks.

foulmouth 7 days ago
they shit the bed, this team could have been much better

evil_hero 7 days ago
could have had price but went with driedger meh they might not get a win next season

I think it was the dude they took from the Kings that has played 22 NHL games and has 1 goal and no assists. Lol. Also, they passed on Jake Bean and Nino Niederreiter from Carolina and picked some nobody instead. The Philly pick was questionable too. There was only one player that I was concerned about them taking from Chicago and they passed on him too.

I'm really not sure why they passed on Price, but Driedger isn't bad. The only problem is that he was used in tandem with Bobrovsky. He'll probably play a lot more this season and we'll see his true colors.

evil_hero 7 days ago
thats kind of what i was thinking. maybe they know something we don't. it was a weird draft, man. once i heard price was available i was thinking why not build the squad around him? you could do worse for your first year. also did they not do a single trade? vegas did like 10 trades the night of their expansion draft, they came out stocked! im a washington resident so i was really hoping our NHL team would turn out a lot better. first off, the name kraken sucks and i don't like the logo or anything about it. back in the day there was a lower level hockey team called the seattle sockeye. i was really hoping they'd revive that, it had some cool logo work that could have been updated. then second off they completely bungle this draft, everyone who knows hockey is just scratching their heads. maybe the brass knew that the expansion draft class was kinda weak, they want to have a 0 win season and draft some stud? that's all i can think of when i see this mess

Seattle guy I know was convinced they would be the Sockeyes. I actually think the name and the jerseys are kinda cool. But yeah...they didn't make a single trade at all. Very strange.

ej 7 days ago
gourde is even going to be injured for a couple months

Kraken the rum>>>>

yeah but they had to take Gourde. that's one of the few good picks they made.

ej 7 days ago
im just highlighting how bad they'll be