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Post-Weekend Review

ej 291 days ago
how'd it go

_d0thack_ 291 days ago
My weekend was very chill. Spent a lot of it blazed up watching movies. Back at work now.

RAGINGFUCKMAN 291 days ago
That's a personal question.

B__DAWG 291 days ago
i had a rock and roll band practice on saturday night and then yesterday i was doing some yardwork and skateboarding around. that was about it

ej 291 days ago
my weekend was fine, girl, golf, vid game, chillin. but what i really want to talk about is my fast food nightmare. had a friend bail on dinner saturday night, so just laid back until i got hungry at like 10 and went to taco bell. waited ten minutes til i got to the window "sorry sir we're out of chicken, beef, lettuce, tomato" so i nope out of there. go to wendy's down the road. "hi sir, we only have chicken nuggets and fries" wtf? fine whatever, get an 8 piece spicy nug and medium fry. wait way too long but i already paid. finally get my food and go home. it is 50~ nuggets with no fries. very confused feelings