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The Smiths

carveyournamein 68 days ago
Do they have any REALLY good songs?

BULLHEAD 68 days ago
i like three or maybe four of their songs a lot but then i just don't care about the rest

BULLHEAD 68 days ago
bigmouth strikes again, that songs f*cking awesome

Portslob 68 days ago
Never heard of them

theocean 68 days ago
one of the best bands of all time man

carveyournamein 68 days ago
Yeah but which songs are the best?

theocean 68 days ago

BULLHEAD 68 days ago
i just told you, it's big mouth strikes again. with those weirdo background vocals. and then How Soon Is Now. and then The Boy With The Thorn in His Side

easyhateoven 68 days ago
theocean 50 minutes ago one of the best bands of all time man

easyhateoven 68 days ago
this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k_zwxCp8Blc

gaseousclay 67 days ago

anonymass 67 days ago
What Difference Does It Make. The John Peel one.

rick_tocchet 67 days ago
The only thing i know about the smiths is they book shows. They sell out quick and then they cancel the show like 2 weeks before. Happened at least twice down here in FL.

carveyournamein 67 days ago

easyhateoven 67 days ago