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Being married to the 1st girl you ever kissed/f*cked

Anyone else done this? Pros: never had my heart broke, never dealt with any crazy bitches Cons: never got to f*ck anyone else or see if all pussies taste the same. Have I failed or won?

Portslob 183 days ago
I can't say because I've never kissed nor f*cked a woman before

Get_Some 183 days ago
Failed. There is a lot of good eatin out there, and you decided to have the same meal for the rest of your life.

Dick_Feller 183 days ago
I'm gay but if you love her then you made the right choice

nothinlefttogive 183 days ago
"all women are whores." - ancient Chinese proverb

timelordtwo 183 days ago
You have won

anonymass 183 days ago
They're all the same. If you found one you haven't got bored of f*cking, then you have absolutely won.

ShaolinLambKiller 183 days ago
She's cheating on you

Pilgrim 183 days ago
Jesus dude are you like 19?

ShaolinLambKiller 183 days ago
40 year old virgin

_d0thack_ 183 days ago
You'll never know until you kill her.

ShaolinLambKiller 183 days ago
Kill her today

Portslob 183 days ago
All women cheat, constantly

ShaolinLambKiller 183 days ago
Go ahead and marry a dude you poof