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what was your worst show injury

ej 13 days ago
got my tooth donkey kicked through my lip at an all stars tour once. forget which band but i'll assume emmure l ol

kort 13 days ago
broke a nail picking up change

f28r06a42n12k 13 days ago
Got launched backwards onto my elbow during Animals as Leaders in Boston when they opened for Meshuggah with Intronaut. I generally avoid being in situations where I'm liable to be injured

Portslob 13 days ago
I was stabbed 64 times at a get up kids show

evil_hero 13 days ago
strained my MCL head walking to shai hulud

vagisilcreem 13 days ago
decapitated at a john denver show

skinsuit 13 days ago
Got stabbed in the eye by a wand at some D&D power metal show.

easyhateoven 13 days ago
what gay would go to an emmure show?

ShaolinLambKiller 13 days ago
jumped off a 5 foot stage and landed on my knee. shit sucked for a week.

skinsuit 13 days ago
You should have landed on your head. It would have been an improvement.

skinsuit 13 days ago
Also skinsuit 50 seconds ago Shut the f*ck up, flipflap.

Barbara 13 days ago
Lmao at moshing to animals as leaders

easyhateoven 13 days ago
trevor of black dahlia murder stage dove on top of me once. it was in 2004 when he wasn't AS fat. shit hurt though and im surprised my organs weren't crushed.

ShaolinLambKiller 13 days ago
trevor has always been pretty damn huge. aside from when their first ep came out.

Barbara 13 days ago
He got a fat dick?