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Summers the worst season

BULLHEAD 13 days ago
And it's not even close

ej 13 days ago
nah it's faux spring where it's too warm to ski and too cold to golf. yes i'm a normie

BULLHEAD 13 days ago
I despise the sun.

Portslob 13 days ago
Summer is the only enjoyable season

easyhateoven 13 days ago
too damn hot. not suitable for this old goth

_d0thack_ 13 days ago
It's fine if you aren't a bitch.

skinsuit 13 days ago
Shut up, retardo.

Yousuckkkk 13 days ago
Winter is the best hands down. I miss if even more now that I live somewhere that basically gets no snow.

unvisitedgrave 13 days ago
I like the fall and winter. I overheat when it's 80+. Can bike commute in -15 no problem though.

Portslob 13 days ago
Winter is what I imagine hell is like

BULLHEAD 13 days ago
I got to do edibles and walk around in the snow or dead leaves listening to black metal though

virus_dot_exe 13 days ago
i love the early spring the most, and yes summer sucks ass

ShaolinLambKiller 13 days ago
wrong you f*ck

BULLHEAD 13 days ago
Everything's on fire in the summer

easyhateoven 13 days ago
slk is actually an alligator and he lives in a swamp