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Your high school girlfriend(s)

Kvin 68 days ago
Do you still talk to them?

skinsuit 68 days ago
Stalk them? Yeah.

easyhateoven 68 days ago
trind never had a gf

Vince 68 days ago
Lol no

_d0thack_ 68 days ago

Portslob 68 days ago
I never talk to my hands

skinsuit 68 days ago
I've had a couple, the most recent being easy's mom.

theocean 68 days ago
seems really pathetic man unless you married her

iwilladapt 68 days ago
one of them yes.

evil_hero 68 days ago
no but i think about one of my little sisters friends from time to time and wonder how she turned out and if she needs to get smashed out now

carveyournamein 68 days ago

unvisitedgrave 68 days ago
Don't talk to her. We had a really chill relationship. She went off to college and I started touring so we called it quits before it turned into a dumb long distance thing. Also before I fully committed to the cock so it wouldn't have worked out any way.

skinsuit 68 days ago

Kvin 67 days ago
One of our outgoing interns came in looking like shit. I'm like "what's going on dude" and he told me this long drawn out story of how he started talking to his ex and travelled to see her for Memorial Day, only to find out she had a bf and ended up hanging out with them anyways. When asked why he didn't leave, he said he drove 6 hours to see her and didn't want to drive 6 hours back the same day lol.

ej 67 days ago
i dislike or hate 3/4 of them and the 1/4 is married to a lesbian man so no need