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letting a bunch of birds loose in your house

B__DAWG 5/30/2022 12:57:04 PM
that could be cool

ManuelLabor 5/30/2022 1:04:03 PM
Hell yea

dayman 5/30/2022 1:08:54 PM

skinsuit 5/30/2022 1:11:18 PM

Gabaghoulio 5/30/2022 1:37:12 PM
That's my nightmare, bro. I f*cking hate a large gathering of birds, one or two would be doable in a large enough enclosure, but any more, f*ck that, Steve Irwin. I'll jump in a pool full of spiders and snakes before I have f*cking BIRDS loose in my house, crickey

skinsuit 5/30/2022 1:37:36 PM
letting a bunch of turds loose >