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People who say, "anytime you need help, bro"

God 5/28/2022 9:50:34 AM
It's a small ask

Inkongudunk 5/28/2022 9:51:37 AM
You're right. How many mL's ya need

Inkongudunk 5/28/2022 9:52:09 AM
Can I borrow your car to sit in while I generate the product?

God 5/28/2022 9:54:08 AM
Hand it over to Jules. We're aiming to start a family

Inkongudunk 5/28/2022 9:55:48 AM
Jail jules?

God 5/28/2022 9:56:30 AM
Jeni who has one night stands on work nights

Inkongudunk 5/28/2022 9:57:50 AM
Oh, she's for the streets. I'd suggest being a single dad

Inkongudunk 5/28/2022 9:58:07 AM
She made a carnival worker cry with her sexual aggressiveness.

God 5/28/2022 10:00:27 AM
Hey, save it for the Volvo

Barbara 5/28/2022 10:04:27 AM

Inkongudunk 5/28/2022 10:07:08 AM
Will you sit behind me and sardonically rant about mundane topics as I "produce"

God 5/28/2022 10:08:01 AM
That is all I am good for

God 5/28/2022 10:09:37 AM
I'm kind of upset evil hero didn't request to personally inseminate, which is less unreasonable than asking for DNA

Inkongudunk 5/28/2022 10:11:00 AM
He should make them guess which one he nutted in. Surprise, ur da mom af

God 5/28/2022 10:16:07 AM
You'll figure it out in a month. By the way, do dykes have periods? Speeds off in stolen car