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Another person I know just died from overdosing

_steelpanda_ 37 days ago
Lol hope he f*cking suffered. f*cking scum human being. Waiting for the memorial page that's going to get realllllyyyyy going. then im gojng to post his dm's he's sent a previous Ms. panda. This dude was super married with some kids. Before all that he was a shit human to begin with. So have Alex in the afterlife you f*ck boi supreme. I'm just getting started, thar alone gonna bait to f*cking pigs that about to catch some dm messages too. I'm banging an ex cop wife's now

butlerianjihad 37 days ago
*honks on bobo*

lordzedd 37 days ago
Yea smoke weed gay

butlerianjihad 37 days ago
Where's Rita Repulsa at

easyhateoven 37 days ago
*sees thread title and thinks, 'oh shit, that sucks'* *clicks on the thread then lol's*

lordzedd 37 days ago
butlerianjihad 5 hours ago Where's Rita Repulsa at https://www.hotzxgirl.com/rita/rita-repulsa-porn-pic-rita-repulsa-hentai-sorted-by.htm

_d0thack_ 37 days ago
Damn man. That's rough.

iwilladapt 37 days ago
can someone transcribe this? on second thought never mind, I don't even want to know.

carveyournamein 37 days ago

carveyournamein 37 days ago
He definitely suffered.

Portslob 37 days ago