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long weekend plans?

ej 301 days ago
tonight: hibachi tomorrow: golf but it's supposed to rain sunday: family brought their rv to a lake so i might spend the night there monday: stare at my ac unit whatcha got

B__DAWG 301 days ago
Going swimming

Barbara 301 days ago
Its just a normal weekend for me but I'm gonna do an overnighter on a 1290 Super Adventure.

_d0thack_ 301 days ago
Today - work till 4, cheeseburgers, smoke & movie night with chick I've been seeing Sat - up early for morning jog & breakfast, spruce up pad for company on sunday, set up new grill and new patio set, smoke & movies with chick Sun - sleep in, morning jog & meal prep, pick up meats and snacks, smoke, aew ppv with a co worker

_d0thack_ 301 days ago
Oh and monday. I have no idea. I haven't thought that far ahead.

evil_hero 301 days ago
i got a cabin tomorrow through monday up in the mountains. i heard its supposed to actually snow up there off and on all weekend so prob just rip the side by side and smoke prerolls then hit up the cabin for some board games and what not

Barbara 301 days ago
Yeah don't f*ckin text me when that Poolaris breaks down bro

Barbara 301 days ago
Actually do text me