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anyone follow "ghost gun" advancements closely?

theocean 37 days ago
as they getter and 3D printers become more readily available does it make the entire gun control debate "moot" ? real question............i have no idea...........there was a bust in boston recently https://www.boston.com/news/local-news/2022/05/25/boston-police-bust-alleged-dorchester-ghost-gun-mill/

B__DAWG 37 days ago
No, should I be?

Inkongudunk 37 days ago
Barbara Streisand effect. The more they talk about it. The more widely it occurs.

evil_hero 37 days ago
ghost guns have long been as available as they are now. which is extremely extremely available. my buddy got a buy 2 get 1 free on blank AR lowers. lmao. ghost guns over here sellin like hot cakes

evil_hero 37 days ago
i want to 3d print a browning 1919

Portslob 37 days ago
I was watching a prison show one time and a guy said he made a gun out of a magazine

evil_hero 37 days ago

ej 37 days ago
call me old fashioned but i'd like a trebuchet

Jesus_Juice 37 days ago
I like Print Shoot Repeat, ctrlpew, and ivanprintsguns on YT. They make some cool stuffs. CZ skorpions, MP5s, all manner of AR. If I didn't live in NY, I'd be all over 3d printed funs.

evil_hero 37 days ago
lol NY sucks

Hox_Ablation_PhD 37 days ago
I made a gun out of legos. -my 8 year old

Barbara 37 days ago
let your kid know its just lego and not legos

Inkongudunk 37 days ago

Inkongudunk 37 days ago
What an obscure grammar fact lol

AnalButt 37 days ago
Is Barbara actually totalp?