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living with carve

theocean 40 days ago

Gabaghoulio 40 days ago
Seems like an interesting fella. Sounds like something I would've done in my mid 20s.

carveyournamein 40 days ago

thetowerofrome 40 days ago

lake_flaccid 40 days ago
I've absolutely considered doing this, always felt like it was a bad idea for some reason

Portslob 40 days ago

carveyournamein 40 days ago
I don't really get bored, though. I'd have a good reason for doing it.

_steelpanda_ 40 days ago
Hell yeah, that shit will make everything damp in a closed space, like a closet. No matter how hard you beat on that f*cker to get out. Your hands are all wet from the juice and fear. 10/10 would recommend

carveyournamein 40 days ago
Lol fucjing l

evil_hero 40 days ago
haha panda

_d0thack_ 40 days ago