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Absent in Body

I read a review that this is supposed to be a terrifying listening experience. So far I'm not scared but it sounds kinda cool.

carveyournamein 40 days ago

simon_belmont 40 days ago
That was my review and I have to sleep with a teddy bear

thetowerofrome 40 days ago
This album is amazing .... Haunting .... Terrifying..... Incredible.....!!!!! 7/10

simon_belmont 40 days ago
1. I didn't gush over it. I said it has a cool atmosphere and is really well done. I liked it 2. I actually don't give them scores. I send my review in and webby gives a score. The few times I have sent a score in he changed it anyway.

B__DAWG 40 days ago
Sounds too SCARY for me. Thanks for the warning

simon_belmont 40 days ago
Bullhead, you'd like it. Scott Kelly is in it and it kind of sounds like some Enemy Of The Sun shit.

tactical_hotdog 40 days ago
I like to piss my pants from fear so I'll give it a go.

PenicillinTrapdoor 40 days ago
i've enjoyed the stuff i've heard. it's a little scary.