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Oli Herbert's wife.

Portslob 35 days ago
That bitch going to jail

B__DAWG 35 days ago
i don't know who that is

Portslob 35 days ago
Read the front page. Sounds like a story I made up in kindergarten

Zordon 35 days ago
ive been saying this since day 1

shitinyourhand 35 days ago
She even picked a dumb ass name like Penelope

B__DAWG 35 days ago
hmmmm....that certainly is an unusual story. not sure how i feel about this

simon_belmont 35 days ago
She definitely did it. I remember when it first broke and she was like making jokes about it and shit. There was a Justice For Oli billboard in Hartford back then.

_steelpanda_ 35 days ago
That jag f*cked em

evil_hero 35 days ago
ive been saying it since day 0.5

vagisilcreem 35 days ago
she 100% did it.

B__DAWG 35 days ago
it was probably a suicide and she was just like f*ck it i'll keep my mouth shut. that's what i decided in the last 2 minutes

shitinyourhand 35 days ago
lol at "weaving in and out…"

theocean 35 days ago
webby is jacking off so hard he has no dick skin left

vagisilcreem 35 days ago
lol what a freak

lake_flaccid 35 days ago
Her statements, posts and everything are always so obvious and strange. Even if she's innocent, she's nuts.