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f*cking someone's mom

God 40 days ago
Seems overrated. Moms are old, boring, overweight, lasagna bellies who enjoy Orange is the New Black. They are frigid and even if they aren't, there are time constraints, keeping them from any viable kinking options. There's always some annoying f*cking kid around popping up like a seal. Begging for love and attention.

jimbo 40 days ago

evil_hero 40 days ago
you didnt even mention the stretched out devastated vagina that offer no real pleasure

God 40 days ago
Just wrap a wet sock around your dick.

dayman 40 days ago
lasagna bellies

theocean 40 days ago
id imagine a lonely single mom would put in "extra effort" but i have no experience can anyone confirm or deny?

evil_hero 40 days ago
they dont make socks big (small) enough for my dick

I banged a 35 yr old mom for about a month. She was surprisingly fun in bed and the puss wasn't blown out at all

jimbo 40 days ago
yeah it's usually hot dog down hallway once they hit 40s

God 40 days ago
Lonely single Mom puts in no effort because she thinks she's been wronged by the world. Self- pity and dejection. Sure, there are exceptions. But they did a loving thing... like no one leaves a catch. And a catch doesn't catch slanged come and lead a miserable life unless it's a widow. Generally only f*ck up or a widow ends up divorced.

God 40 days ago
Divorced with kids*, more accurately.

VodkaVeins 40 days ago
There's a dramatic drop in the babe-ness of moms after 1st grade. Kinder moms are smokin'

God 40 days ago
Yeah there is the 5 second rule to picking up dirt moms. You could get a good woman during the heartbreak phase when the kid is still a tot. Help her turn her life around, be a good influence for the kid. But you got to do this before the depression spiral and her subscription to Female Dating Strategy.

_steelpanda_ 40 days ago
Y'all f*cking the wrong moms. I love moms. I don't think y'all do much f*cking round the parts? Spread your dick wings and fly. Flap your stretched forskins to the wind and fly like a kite surfer into a good mom or moms. Be the toy they desire. Rail their hearts with love. Gain their trust through each thrust. Drive them to work. Become baby boy. Take the whip to get that dick slick by some other hoochie. Go to gate city, kick it with the homies. Lol at stability

Vince 40 days ago
I like hot moms, man