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Upstate NY

ShakeRattleRoll69 7/20/2021 12:36:59 PM
I'm here. Fair Haven NY. that's it.

ShaolinLambKiller 7/20/2021 12:41:44 PM
Die there as well

simon_belmont 7/20/2021 12:42:49 PM
I think that's more considered central ny

ShaolinLambKiller 7/20/2021 12:43:17 PM
More like bullshit land

ShakeRattleRoll69 7/20/2021 12:47:12 PM
It's in the center but it deff qualifies as upstate NY

BULLHEAD 7/20/2021 12:53:38 PM
I've been to SUNY plattsburgh. That's way up there

skinsuit 7/20/2021 1:23:40 PM
I've only been to NYC.

ej 7/20/2021 1:27:29 PM
i suppose buffalo is a real place

skinsuit 7/20/2021 1:40:55 PM
Isn't that the actor?

BULLHEAD 7/20/2021 1:40:58 PM
That's western ny

simon_belmont 7/20/2021 1:47:15 PM
The way I always saw it was that anything from Poughkeepsie up was upstate but as you went west, Syracuse/Utica area was Central and Buffalo/Rochester area was western. That's just me though

skinsuit 7/20/2021 1:52:14 PM
Does Buffalo has its own rail transport network?

skinsuit 7/20/2021 1:56:43 PM

virus_dot_exe 7/20/2021 1:59:47 PM
do people in upstate NY refer to the NYC area as downstate NY?

BULLHEAD 7/20/2021 2:03:23 PM
Its "the city"