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pretending to be a veteran on memorial day to get a free meal at applebees

theocean 41 days ago
how many of you do this?

simon_belmont 41 days ago
Carve seems the most likely

theocean 41 days ago
does he know a gi joe t shirt is not enough proof?

B__DAWG 41 days ago
Peopke who act like stolen Valor is a big deal are dumb. Who gives a shit?

ej 41 days ago
anyone can be a veteran if they yell at lowe's employees to give them a discount and act like their vet plates allows them to drive in the left lane at 58 mph

Portslob 41 days ago
That's lower than shit man

B__DAWG 41 days ago
You don't like free meals?

You shouldn't do that.

B__DAWG 41 days ago
I don't do that. but I don't care if other people do. I think it's funny

Portslob 41 days ago
That's not bullhead

theocean 41 days ago
is there any fine print that excludes soldiers in the juggalo army?

Portslob 41 days ago
Applebee's is too high end for juggalos.

evil_hero 41 days ago
shits wack but at the end of the day its a fairly minor grift

nothinlefttogive 41 days ago
i have a childhood friend who went not quite full MAGA & pretty frequently steals valor. he only recently stopped pretending he was enlisted. i think it finally bit him at the workplace...

unvisitedgrave 41 days ago
I think it's comical when they're especially bad at stealing the valor. Out of date or mismatched uniforms, MOS that doesn't exist, don't know the first thing about it but want those thank you's. That said. You don't deserve my respect because you signed a contract to get paid to maybe live out your superhero fantasy. Drafted is a different story I suppose. Hot take of the day.