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Scarlett Johansson

evil_hero 5/24/2022 9:13:05 PM
lol thread

_steelpanda_ 5/24/2022 10:14:37 PM
Hahahahahaha f*ck yes to all this. That was some real Shit you said homie about internalization etc. nothing to gloss over by any means. My tattoo sleeve colors are the pride flag, friends family, possibly my youngest son, so it's a big part of my life. Had an old client who went something spot on actually. Living in Alabama parents disown you over stuff like etc. he finally came to terms with his sexuality and took so much pressure off himself. Far as I know he's sober and happy, gay as hell. So hell yeah man

easyhateoven 5/25/2022 4:06:14 AM
nothinlefttogive 7 hours ago One of my ex-bandmates claims to have sexed her. He's a ginger though, I don't believe him. lol yeah i don't either

carveyournamein 5/25/2022 4:32:25 AM
No way he did.

nothinlefttogive 5/25/2022 6:38:53 AM
yeah, it is a very silly claim. i'll bet if i prod him about it now he'd be all "i never said that!". gingers...

RAGINGFUCKMAN 5/25/2022 6:39:48 AM
kick him in the nuts

Portslob 5/25/2022 6:50:15 AM
She's hot

RAGINGFUCKMAN 5/25/2022 6:50:45 AM
Yeah, tell him that after you kick him right in the nuts.

theocean 5/25/2022 7:31:38 AM
Amber 10 hours ago TheMoustacheMassacre 4 minutes ago But yeah, she was good in Under the Skin, Ghost World, and the Prestige. Ghost World yes. Lost in Translation yes. Before she got big. And what was she playing Disaffected White Girl. Under the Skin, Lucy, Ghost in the Shell, Girl Without Soul she can also pull off. That's it that pretty much all of them i like match point and vicky cristina barcelona too

thetowerofrome 5/25/2022 8:08:26 AM
B__DAWG 11 hours ago i have a little tiny penis Lollllll