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another school shooting

14 kids and a teacher


dayman 42 days ago
your username is in poor taste

apparently it was a 19 year old walked into a school of 2nd-4th graders go texas

Barbara 42 days ago
used to drive through uvalde a bunch when I went hunting in west texas. not a great place back then

simon_belmont 42 days ago
Those second graders should have been armed

theocean 42 days ago
initial reports say it was a disgruntled lambgoat.com news commenter

Barbara 42 days ago
webby doesn't post news to get gruntled over


theocean 42 days ago
webby is praying that the shooter played theremin in a moderately successful progressive metalcore band

remember when webmaster posted a video of a murder happening, unknowingly, on the news?

evil_hero 42 days ago
withdeadhandsrising 1 minute ago ergruntled erwhuntle? anyone remember that old school goat

easyhateoven 42 days ago
simon_belmont 5 minutes ago Those second graders should have been armed lol

evil_hero 42 days ago
anyone who would gun down a child is the lowest form of scum imaginable. f*ck this dude

theocean 42 days ago
carve is on the phone with texas authorities right now