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Jane Doe tattooed on the throat.

ed_money 32 days ago
Remember that guy? Wonder how that blow job feels about that shit today. lol

theocean 32 days ago
hes jacking off in the background https://twitter.com/deathwishinc/status/1525500449822060544?s=20&t=i85DwxwDLo15io8UHfF0dA

carveyournamein 32 days ago
No , I don't.

dayman 32 days ago

evil_hero 32 days ago

carveyournamein 32 days ago
Oh, I didn't realize he had Jane Doe on his neck.

thetowerofrome 32 days ago
How is this what you come back to write.... f*cking weirdo. Lol

hey ed_money you still a racist piece of shit with a frail spinal column?

VodkaVeins 32 days ago
It wasn't a Jane Doe tattoo...people just made fun of him for wanting to be Jake Bannon