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monkeypox spreading in the gay community

evil_hero 40 days ago
https://www.cnbc.com/2022/05/23/cdc-officials-sound-alarm-for-gay-and-bisexual-men-as-monkeypox-spreads-in-community-.html f*ck it. monkey me. im sucking this dick either way

Godfreyjones 40 days ago
Beat me to it by SECONDS! And with the same link. f*ck you!

evil_hero 40 days ago
gay minds think alike

theocean 40 days ago
who wants to make a monkeypox gift giver/bug chaser website with me?

PenicillinTrapdoor 40 days ago
do they really call it gift giving?

rick_tocchet 40 days ago
We need to shut down the whole world again and make everyone work from home. Protect the gays!!! 1 death is too many!!!!

Godfreyjones 40 days ago
I blame Joe Biden

evil_hero 40 days ago
this is a rare bug to catch

Barbara 40 days ago
Dick stuck in a pipe Eaten by an alligator in the middle of the night

simon_belmont 40 days ago
I'm down for another shutdown. Maybe another check of free money or two

AnalButt 40 days ago
Waiting for dolphinpox before I start to worry

unvisitedgrave 40 days ago

evil_hero 40 days ago
the final hole in the glory hole maze is the bulbous monkeypox ridden beefclub knows as "the infector" if you can make it past this girthy nightmare, you can become the maid of the maze

Barbara 40 days ago
The belle of the balls