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cop tases man who was pumping gas............

theocean 40 days ago

simon_belmont 40 days ago
What an idiot

Godfreyjones 40 days ago
Theres a bacon joke to be made here

theocean 40 days ago
theres nothing funny about the fact that the cops just needed an open fire to be able to cook hot dogs on sticks

rick_tocchet 40 days ago

evil_hero 40 days ago
i saw that. dude got f*cked up

PenicillinTrapdoor 40 days ago
when the camera is pointed at the sky and you can see the smoke floating by. lol.

unvisitedgrave 40 days ago

nothinlefttogive 40 days ago
that looked extra sketchy. were they serving a warrant or something?

evil_hero 40 days ago
they were being cops which means they were f*cking stupid as f*ck

theocean 40 days ago
this is the local news report....... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xcCB14lh6-s

nothinlefttogive 40 days ago
woof! lol?

jimbo 40 days ago
oink oink mother f*cker!

VodkaVeins 40 days ago
Did he have to stop and catch his breath before taking down the biker dude? lol

*logs in as the_cryptkeeper* ahhh, he should have known better than to bring that kind of HEAT on himself and adding FUEL to IGNITE the the problem! i heard when they questioned the officer, they really gave him the THIRD DEGREE to try and GRAFT the situation together! they tried to GASLIGHT him by saying he was just BURNT out, but in the end he was…FIRED! *cackles*